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Online Booking Help

Having trouble booking online? Here are the steps broken down and some other information to help you successfully book online with us 🙂

Below is a screenshot of our 'Search Availability' form on our online booking system, to find this form, click on the 'BOOK NOW!' button (top right hand side of website).

Please choose...

  1. The date you wish to ARRIVE in our park.
  2. The date you wish to DEPART from our park.
  3. Add the total number of ADULTS (Age 16+), CHILDREN (Age 4-15) & DOGS (max x2 per site).
  4. The type of Accommodation required: POWERED/UNPOWERED SITES, BEACH STUDIO ROOMS or our ECO CABIN from the drop down menu.
  5. If you choose POWERED/UNPOWERED SITES, please input your set up size (ie. Length of your Caravan without the drawbar or the length of your Camper Van/Motorhome/Tent/Camper Trailer/Car) the measurement is in FEET.
  6. Your Equipment type, please choose from the drop down menu. Caravan/Tent/Camper Trailer etc.
  7. Click on the 'SEARCH AVAILABILITY' button to see the sites that suit your requirements.


Below is a screenshot of what a list of available sites looks like...

  1.  There is a list view and a map view, you can choose from the tabs on the top of the list.
  2. Shows you the site number, you can see where that is on the map tab view or on a copy of our Park Map.
  3. Gives you a detailed list of the actual site, including size, shade, location and what is and is not allowed on this site, you may need to scroll to get all the information.
  4. Shows you the total cost for the amount of guests and nights you have chosen.
  5. Click 'BOOK' when you are happy with the site.

Here is the Map tab view, Red sites are unavailable, Green sites are available, you can also zoom in, click on individual sites to find out more about them!

Once you click the green 'BOOK' button it will put the site/room in your cart. If you are finished you can click continue to the next step or you can go back to the search form to choose a second site/room.

The next step (shown below) is to add your own information, please check the booking info on the left to make sure you have the correct dates/guests and know the amount you will be paying, then click next to read our Park Policies, once you have read and agreed to these, click next to proceed to the payment page.

Payment information step shown below...

  1. Add your card details here.
  2. Let us know where you heard about us.
  3. Your arrival time and other info about your set-up etc.
  4. Agree to privacy policy.
  5. Click to complete the reservation - Congratulations! you are booked to come and see us!


Some issues you may come across..

  1. if you require more than 1 site please add the details for each site individually and add the sites you want to your cart and group them together as one booking or if you prefer you can book one at a time, paying for each individually.
  2. You may wish to book a double or quad site, if this is the case please add in ALL the guests for that site and the largest set-up, then you must add the rest of the set-up detail in the 'Additional Info' section (Step 3 above).
  3. The Length of your Caravan/Motorhome/5th Wheeler may be too big for our park, our largest sites can take up to a 26ft RV, If you have something larger than this, you may need 2 sites together, please call us about that.
  4. We have a lot of minimum night rules,  you can book 1nt stay only during Mondays-Thursdays OFF PEAK times. Weekends are a 2nt min stay. School holidays and PEAK periods range from 3nts-7nts.
  5. If you wish to create a group booking please call us, we can set aside your chosen sites for your group to choose and book in, this lets you organise a group booking without being in charge of all the payments, we give you a code and your guests can choose from the sites available.
  6. If you still are having trouble booking in, please call us on 02 6677 1300. We use this same system in our reception, the sites are live to be booked by anyone.


Below is our Park Map you can download your own copy.

!! Please Note !!  -  Ambulant Facilities are NOT currently available, they are still under construction.

Wooyung Beach Park Map 2022