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Campfire Policy

We still allow campfires throughout the year (unless there is a Total Fire Ban). The comfort and safety of our guests is paramount, please read and understand the issues that are concerned with a campfire at our campground. We want all guests to enjoy their stay.

Campfire Guidelines

  • Fire must be off the ground in the drum and stand provided or in the fixed installed fireplace (on some sites).
  • Maintain safety distances to trees/shrubs and tents or camping equipment. 2M clear above the fire and 1M clear around the fire (see diagram below).
  • Never leave your fire unattended.
  • Do not burn or put in the fire - treated timber, laminated timber (eg plywood), glued wood products (eg MDF, chip wood), Plastics, rubbish, any form of glass or cans.
  • Never put aerosols or highly flammable materials/substances in the campfire ONLY dried hardwood.
  • Before leaving your site/going to bed/out for the day - you MUST put your fire out completely.
  • Please do not burn wet wood, it causes a huge smoke clouds that affect other guests, only dried hardwood.
  • At times of TOTAL FIRE BAN, campfires are not permitted.


We sell bags of Firewood at the kiosk 9-5pm (Thur-Tue) please make sure to buy your wood before we close.

Please do not destroy our vegetation for firewood, stay out of our forested areas at the park at all times.

Please do not collect wood from the littoral rainforest across the road, It is protected and can incur a heavy fine.


Never leave your fire unattended - Supervise children diligently, especially around the fire.

If you need water to put out your fire there are several taps around the park, please see image below.

In case of emergency please call 000 immediately

If you need help call us on 0266771300 or after hours number displayed on our reception door.